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Differences Between group and one on one teaching swimming for kids (October 9th 2017)

While in a group kids can benefit from socializing and making friends as well as having an extra drive to do well in some occasions by competing against each other,on the other hand one on one personal teaching in kids has more benefits in regards to learning correct technique by putting as much emphasis by the coach on the one child ,and learning correct and proper technique early on for a child in any sport is the most important thing. Another advantage that personal training has on kids is of a psychological aspect,some kids want and need extra attention in order to succeed in something, whether it is sports or in learning math.Closing i would like to say with my individual experience as i worked many years in club swimming in Nautical Limassol Club with groups of kids and also with personal swimming as well i could see the differences in first hand and i can say with certainty that kids need more attention that they get in group teaching and they benefit much more with a 100%focus from a teacher and this reflects on their learning process.

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Difference between group and one on one personal fitness training (October 10th 2017)

People that begin training and have a vision of changing their body to the best have a long road ahead of them in achieving their goal and having someone there to guide them in all the mental difficulties is as important as anything as it will make everything easier.Having a personal trainer which will provide individual training and nutrition program to be followed is like providing a road to success. 

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Myth,Weight training results in women increasing in size (October 24th 2017)

This is one of the most frequent questions I get as a personal trainer and the short answer is of course no,  you will not get bulked up if you train with weights girls,simply because women lack the necessary hormones that men do ( testosterone) in order to have a great increase in muscle mass.

Although different training principles have different results in the body physiology like if you do your sets with high repetitions that results in muscle toning or if you train with 8-12 repetitions you are working for hypertrophy which will result in some sort of muscle size but not at a level of men do. Closing i would like to say that following the trend of today, that has women with a slim waist and a big bum comes from different variations in the training principles regarding repetitions in sets.With that I mean a girl who wants a big bum will train in hypertrophy repetitions (8-12) in the gluteus maximus muscle  but in upper body the training repetition principles will be toning repetitions (15-20).

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What age is appropriate for kids to begin swimmming lessons (October 30th 2017)

The great thing about swimming is that it is a fundamental life skill that should be learned the earliest as possible.Besides of safety reasons, swimming contributes to motor movement  learning,coordination skills, as well as improvement in intelligence. 

A study made by  Researchers at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia researched almost 7,000 children under the age of 5, from all around the world. The study was able to show that learning how to swim at an early age not only increases intelligence, but swimming at an early age helps children achieve developmental milestones earlier as well. 

The study showed that child swimmers were able to reach physical feats faster than non-swimmers.The test showed that children that swim are months ahead of non-swimmers when it comes to milestones such as counting, reading and writing. In some cases, the study showed that swimming children are intellectually years ahead of their non-swimming counterparts.

For all the above benefits that swimming can offer to your child  it is best to begin lessons at an early age.